Thank you Grow


April 2020

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Some personal news:

After some time preparing internally, yesterday was my last day at Grow. I'm confident that this new chapter for the company will be yet another one for the books, and the team will continue to beat every expectation. With this reset, the time is right for me to step aside, and let the team focus on the new direction. Personally, I'm very excited to take some time to catch up with life.

I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing people I got to meet and work with every day, as well as the sheer amount of learnings and growth that came with the journey. To my fellow Grinners I send you my love, and wish you the very best on the path ahead. To everyone who was ever part of the Pay team especially, thank you for placing your trust in me, I couldn't be prouder of everything we accomplished together.

Thank you Jonathan and Sergio for betting on the Flinto team, welcoming us with open arms, and trusting us all the way through.

Lastly, I want to give a very special shoutout to Paolo - this guy has been the Yin to my Yang the past three years at Flinto and Grow, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime.


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