Handbook for Applying to Y Combinator

Appendix: Other Resources for Applying to YC


October 2020

last updated:

June 2021
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters.

I've done my best to summarize the advice I find impactful for applying to YC in the handbook, but there are many equally valuable resources out there. This is a compilation of some of them.

✍️ Written Application

Sample Applications

OpenPhone (S18)

Paystack (W16)

GitLab (W15)

Standard Treasury (S13)

Apptimize (S13)

Mixpanel (S09)

Dropbox (S07)

Other Advice

How to Apply to Y Combinator (official)

When is the right time to apply to Y Combinator?, Jared Friedman (YC Partner)

Am I too early or too late to apply to YC?, Sam Altman (former YC President)

Some thoughts on YC Applications, Dalton Caldwell (YC Partner)

📹 Team Video

Sample Videos

Higia (S18)

Flinto (W18)

WayUp (W15)

Teespring (W13)

Zenefits (W13)

Pager Duty(S10)

Optimizely (W10)

Other Advice

Quora post, Paul Buchheit (YC Partner)

📚 Partner Interviews

Practice Resources

iPG Simulator (alternative link)

YC Battlecard

Other Advice

Michael Seibel’s Top 10 pieces of advice for preparing a YC interview

What's the best way to prepare for a YCombinator interview?, Paul Buchheit (YC Partner)

📓 General Advice

Lessons from Thousands of Startups, with Michael Seibel (YC CEO)

How to Apply and Succeed at Y Combinator, Dalton Caldwell (YC Partner)

Does YC Fund Solo Founders? Jared Friedman (YC Partner)

YC Application Advice From African Startups

Advice for international founders

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